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Margaret Evans Workshop
Pastels • September 16-17, 2011

We were thrilled to feature Margaret Evans of Scotland as our first invited workshop artist. This workshop was co-sponsored by the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania. The workshop was based in the Arts Community room of the Green Drake, with several outdoor plein air sessions.

Margaret arrived early in the week and Green Drake resident artists Karl Leitzel and Elody Gyekis had the opportunity to do some plein air painting with Margaret in the beautiful countryside around Millheim. Margaret was also able to sit in on an Amish one-room school session one day and shared with the students about her home in Scotland and her profession as an artist, and she even did a short art lesson with them in pastels. It was a very nice cultural exchange.

Thank you Margaret, for a marvelous workshop! We'll look forward to having you back.

Margaret Evans workshop at teh Green Drake Gallery in Millheim, PA.

Margaret's workshop underway in the Arts Community Room at the Green Drake Gallery and Arts Center in Millheim, PA. This room is normally a shared studio space that members can access 24/7. Please contact the Green Drake if you might be interested in joining.


Margaret Evans with a demo pastel

Margaret posing with her first completed pastel demo.
("I hate getting my picture taken!", she protested.)


Margaret Evans and Elody Gyekis painting en plein air near Millheim, PA.

Margaret, Elody Gyekis, and I were able to spend some time painting en plein air with Margaret her first couple of days here in Penns Valley. That's an Amish schoolhouse in the background on Quarry Road near Aaronsburg, but a different one from the one Margaret visited in Brush Valley.


Margaret Evans painting en plein air.

Margaret painting an Amish farm on Quarry Road. We have this and several other pieces Margaret did in our area available at the gallery, along with her Scottish work.


Bagpipe band in Millheim, PA

The Buchanan sisters, Millie, Lee Ann, and Jill, opened our Friday evening reception for the "Taste of Scotland in Millheim" show with bagpipes and drums on the street in Millheim. Here they are in front of the Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks, just across Main Street from the Green Drake. The folks loved the unexpected entertainment!


Celtica playing on the stage at the Green Drake Gallery in Millheim, PA

After the bagpipe band, Celtica took the stage at the Green Drake for the rest of the reception and did a marvelous job. Mandolin player Steve Catania, on the left, also makes many of the small musical instruments we offer for sale in the gallery.


Margaret Evans workshop at the Green Drake Gallery in Millheim, PA

Friday afternoon's plein air session at Spring Bank Acres, an Amish farm near Millheim.


Here are some comments from workshop participants that you might enjoy reading:

• "The Margaret Evans workshop was lovely.  Margaret was both relaxed and organized.  The demos were very helpful as were the tips about materials and the process of painting.  The facility was great as was the location.  I enjoyed the two days and wished there was a third so we could go outside again."   
• "Her painting and teaching skills are marvelous.  What a wonderful, upbeat workshop."
• "Margaret was absolutely delightful and a good teacher, too.  Even though I am a studio painter and likely to remain so, I took away a lot of useful information and some techniques I can't wait to try.  I would take another workshop with her in a heartbeat!"
• "It was a great workshop. great demos, fast moving, enjoyable, Margaret was so easy to talk to and Karl was always around to assist." 
• " The Margaret Evans Workshop was nothing short of fantastic. She covered so many techniques in two short days! And, plus, we were able to go outside with her and paint with her critiques right at the easel."


About Margaret Evans 

Margaret Evans comes to us from Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland, where she has been painting and teaching out of her own Shinafoot Studios since 1987. Formal education has included the Glasgow School of Art and the University of London.

Margaret is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and a charter member of Landscape Artists International. She has written books on the subject for Harper and Collins and other publishers and has been featured in numerous international art magazines. She teaches workshops throughout the UK and Europe as well as Australia, Canada and the USA.

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