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4th Friday Poetry Night Archive

September 25, 2015   Guest Poet was Jared A. Conti

Jared A. Conti poetThere aren’t many things that Jared A. Conti hates more than crafting his own biography, but it is a necessary evil that informs the listener and reader of just what they are in store for.

Not one to rely on form or convention he bends his ear to the mundane and mystical alike. Fed a steady diet of comic books, sf/fantasy, but more recently the children’s title “I Am A Bunny” every night for over a year, Jared A. Conti writes more from experience than reality. Or is it the other way around?

Often unsure as to where and how his written universes collide, he is currently at work on a series of post-apocalyptic novels set in and around central Pennsylvania. His two chapbooks of poetry, Back in the Saddle: My Love/Hate Relationship with the Space Cowboy and Least of These, culled (mostly) from real life.

He writes a monthly comics review for the Williamsport Sun-Gazette as The Oracular Beard and can also be found at which he updates often, but admittedly cannot tell a lie.


Serendipitous by Jared A. Conti

The sky opens up.

Light show
letting us know
that in addition to
searing heat and
unseasonably cold
there will also be—

Drumbeats thundering
rain accompanying
whose entrance is a cascading curtain
to our island cave
from the outside world.

Farmhouse spouting
in need of a farmhand handyman.
They’ve done such a nice job with the porch swing.

Here, with no place
to go, or data to upload to Facebook,
our private island
carries the faint tang of body odor,
and citronella tiki torches
lighting the way home.

Hold on, Jimmy-boy.

Hold on.



Christine Arielle Crater poetOpening for Geoffrey Godbey will be Christine Ariella Crater. Christine studied English at the Pennsylvania State University. Her poems have appeared in several literary journals including the Meadow, CALYX, the Utne Reader, and THRUSH Poetry Journal.