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Karl Eric Leitzel - Special Sale 2016

UPDATE: Another artist is now on display using much of the special sale area upstairs. Some of Karl's work is still up, but all of those not marked SOLD will remain available at the sale price until they are gone. You may have to look them over here to see everything available. And, of course, there is plenty of more recent work in the main gallery.

The idea of a clearance sale of fine art might seem strange, but here is the situation: While Karl regularly sells his work, as a full-time artist he still paints at a faster rate than they are purchased. As a result, he sometimes finds that too many paintings are in boxes or otherwise not on display, and there isn't enough room for all the more recent ones, even with a lot of wall space at the Green Drake. So, Karl has assembled all paintings that are at least 5 years old, along with some that are 3-4 years old, and will have a large display of these in the upstairs studio at the Green Drake in Millheim starting Friday, August 5, and running through the end of summer. After that. remaining paintings will still be available at the sale price, but generally only viewable here online. These paintings, including some of his favorites that have not yet found a buyer, are all at least 50% off, with a few a little more than that. These are savings that he's never offered before.

This is first come/first served, so if you see something you want here, get in touch right away. There are more than ninety paintings total, most framed and of all sizes and subject matter. Summer gallery hours are Fridays 4-8, Saturdays 10-7, and Sundays 12-4. We can ship art. You can email or call Karl directly at any time to claim a piece before it's gone, and Karl is often in his studio on the second floor on weekdays when the gallery isn't normally open, and will gladly open up for you on request. Email Karl at or call his cell phone at 814-422-8461.

Please choose a size/price category below to see all available pieces. A SOLD note will be added as frequently as possible as they are spoken for.

Jeffery Mathison Special Sale 2016

Large Pieces ($750 and up at sale price)

Medium Pieces ($300 - $750 at sale price)

Small Pieces ($125 - $280 at sale price)

Miniatures and Small Unframed Pieces (Under $125 at sale price)




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