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The Photography of Gerald Lang and Jennifer Tucker

Photograph by Greald Lang and Jennifer Tucker

"The Botanical Series collection of images brings the viewer into the intimate structures of the plants we portray. We collaborate with the plants looking for their gesture, geometry, and essence, in the formal setting of a portrait studio.

The fresh plant is laid on the glass bed of a high-resolution digital scanner and the moment captured. We finalize the scanned files and print the images using archival papers and archival pigmented inks on an Epson professional printer. Each image is printed by the artists at their Studio at Hill Crystal Farm.

This exhibit is a visual interpretation of plants growing around us. Plants from the garden, “weed” plants, wild plants, and medicinal plants become our subjects. Our Botanical images provide a visualization of the plant and reveal details often over looked." 

Special show October 2 - November 29, 2015. A gallery talk by Jennifer Tucker will address the medicinal and nutritional uses of plants. It will take place during the exhibition opening Friday, Oct. 2 from 7-9 p.m. Artist's talk at 8:30pm.




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