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Fine Art - Large Works

These pages are kept as up-to-date as possible with available large works by many of our fine artists. The Green Drake also has many smaller pieces by these and other artists, but there are too many to keep current here on the website. We invite you to visit the gallery or contact us for information about additional available pieces.

These larger works include many of the best pieces by these artists, suitable as a centerpiece in a room or for public spaces in an office or a business. Most artists are also happy to discuss a possible commission to paint a custom piece based on your desired subject and size. The important thing is to choose an artist whose style and creative approach most resonates with you. Contact info for each artist is listed on their individual pages.

Interested in a piece you see? Email us at or call Managing Partner Karl Eric Leitzel at 814-422-8461

Resident Artists

Elody Gyekis

Elody Gyekis is a rising star among young Pennsylvania artists. Both her mural work and fine art is already well known and she is also an accomplished instructor. Elody works mainly in acrylics and oils and often chooses to work on a large scale. more of Elody's work


Painting by Elody Gyekis


Painting by Elody Gyekis

Karl is a well-established Pennsylvania artist who works in a wide range of subject matter and styles. Painting in both oils and acrylics, his work ranges from impressionistic landscapes, to accurately portrayed wildlife subjects to classically painted oil portraits. more of Karl's work


Painting of Penns Creek by Karl Eric Leitzel


Portrait oil painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

Represented Artists

Brienne Brown

Watercolor by Brienne Brown

Brienne Brown is a rapidly rising star in the world of watercolor artists. Her ability to capture the body language and movement of human subjects in her landscapes and cityscapes sets her apart.

more of Brienne's work

Beverly Klucher

Oil painting by Beverly Klucher

Beverly Klucher is a prolific oil painter. Her primary areas of interest are landscape and coastal subjects although she loves painting animals as well.

more of Beverly's work

Warren Leitzel

Painting by Warren Leitzel

Warren Leitzel has lived most of his life in central Pennsylvania and most often paints the wild places near home, working in acrylics on panel.

more of Warren's work

Jeff Mathison

Watercolor by Jeff Mathison

Jeff Mathison is a well-established central Pennsylvania artist who works primarily in watercolors. His favorite subjects include landscapes and figurative work

more of Jeff's work





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