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Karl Eric Leitzel

Photo of Karl Eric Leitzel, artist at work.Karl is a fulltime professional art who is also the managing partner at the Green Drake. He has lived and painted in the Penns Valley area in central Pennsylvania his whole life but also has many connections to the art world beyond. He is the founder and director of Landscape Artists International, an online collective of artists from around the world.

During the 1990's, Karl concentrated on the genre known as wildlife art, with a piece being selected in 1994 for the prestigious Birds in Art show at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin. After taking some time off from painting, he reentered the fine art world painting a broader range of subjects and in a generally looser, more impressionistic style.



In 2009, Karl was commissioned by The Pennsylvania State University to paint a large oil to hang in th main lobby of the beautiful Nittany Lion Inn on Penn State's main campus. This piece depicts the many students, faculty, and staff walking one of th main malls during class change time. It is titled "Change of Classes" and can be seen at the Inn behind the main desk, framed in a handcrafted frame of wood from the campus's historic elm trees.

Karl often does commissioned paintings for private or corporate clients, though this project was more involved than most, involving the taking of hundreds of photos on site, painting a number of small plein air pieces, and creating several small prototype paintings. There were several meetings with relevant people at the university, as well, including the director of the Palmer Art Museum and one of the head architects. It was a fascinating project and the end result was well received. You can read about the process at

Oil painting "Change of Classes" by Karl Eric Leitzel

Change of Classes, Oil on canvas, 36x54 inches

Here are some examples of Karl's more recent work showing his breadth of subject matter and styles. Some may still be available, most often at the Green Drake, and if not, similar pieces can usually be commissioned. Click on the image to enlarge. Karl also teaches art through the Green Drake. You can also learn more about Karl and his work on his website at . You can contact Karl about his work or a possible commission through the Green Drake or directly at or 814-422-8461.

Oil painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

Karl often depicts the farm scenes, streams, and forests of his home area in central Pennsylvania. This farm east of Aaronsburg was painted as a commission, with a canvas size of 12x24 inchs. To commission a landscape or other subject by Karl, contact him through the gallery or directly.

Oil painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

A recent large oil landscape, "Plowed Earth Under a May Sky", on 30 x 40 inch canvas. The scene is an Amish farm along Rt. 45 (Penns Valley Road) between Spring Mills and Centre Hall. This one is currently available at the Green Drake.

Draft horse painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

Karl recently began painting horses. This Belgian pulling a cart was done from photos he took at a show at the Centre County Grange Fair in 2013. Karl often does horses, as well as dogs and other domestic animals, on commission.

Acrylic painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

You can find Karl at the Centre County Grange Fair in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania every year the last week of August, capturing the fair on canvas as their official Artist in Residence. Karl also paints fair scenes in the studio from the extensive collection of photos he takes while there. This one, "Lunch Counter at the Fair, is a 12x9 acrylic on canvas board and is currently available at the Green Drake.

Oil portrait painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

Classically painted oil portraits are another specialty of Karl's. This 24x18 inch oil is of his granddaughter, Aaliyah, at 14 months of age. He uses light and composition to capture the life and personality of the subject, and prefers to take his own reference photos when possible. Karl will gladly discuss a possible portrait commission of any size.

Painting of Joe Paterno by Karl Eric Leitzel

"End of a Good Season", an unusual kind of portrait of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, is unique in that Karl is doing a very limited number of "copy paintings" based on the first onw, which was on a 24x36 inch canvas. He will only do 50 at 9x12 inches and 15 at 18x24 inches as they are sold, and is currently past the halfway mark in both sizes. If you want to own one of these, get in touch soon.

American Redstart oil painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

"American Redstart" is one of a series of new songbirg paintings Karl has recently been working on. All are painted in oils on canvas board, and most measure 8x10 inches. If you are a serious birder, or just enjoy the visual treat they offer, consider one or more of these for your walls.

Painting of Christine Smith by Karl Eric Leitzel

Karl is also a musician and enjoys painting other musicans creating their art. Many are musicians he knows personally, as in this case. Christine Smith is one of the core members of the alternative rock group Marah. This oil is on a 24x18 inch canvas. Karl can do a commissioned painting of you or a favorite musician, local or famous.

Oil painting of a goat by Karl Eric Leitzel

This painting of a Nubian dairy goat was done at the Centre County Grange Fair. It is an painting, in oils on a 9x12 inch canvas.

Sunrise oil painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

Some are inexpensive little gems, like this 6x6 inch oil of a sunrise.





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